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of the 2017
Southern Baptist Convention

One Hundred Sixtieth Session
One Hundred Seventy-Second Year

Phoenix, Arizona
June 13–14, 2017


Dallas, Texas – June 12–13, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama – June 11-12, 2019
Orlando, Florida – June 9-10, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee – June 15-16, 2021
Anaheim, California– June 14-15, 2022
Charlotte, North Carolina– June 13-14, 2023
Indianapolis, Indiana– June 11-12, 2024
Salt Lake City, Utah - June 24-25, 2025
Orlando, Florida - June 11-12, 2026
Prepared and distributed by
Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Convention
Frank S. Page, President and Chief Executive Officer
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Reviewed by
John L. Yeats, Recording Secretary, Southern Baptist Convention
Assisted by Sharon Yeats
Compiled and formatted by
Allison Young, Publications Specialist, Executive Committee
Copyright © 2017 by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.
All rights reserved. The contents of this book may not be reproduced in any form
in whole or in part without the consent of the copyright holder
except for uses which are permitted under federal copyright law.

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