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Executive Committee Officers


Ernest L. Easley
Senior Pastor
Roswell Street Baptist
Marietta, GA
2006-10; 2010-14

Vice Chairman

Michael W. (Mike) Routt
Senior Pastor
Circle Drive Baptist
Peyton, CO


Carol A. Yarber
Office Manager
Athens, TX
2009-11; 2011-15

Admin. Comm. Chair

John L. Yeats
Executive Director
Missouri Baptist Convention
SBC Recording Secretary
Jefferson City, MO

Bus. & Fin. Comm. Chair

Chris S. Osborne
Senior Pastor
Central Baptist Church
College Station, TX
2006-10; 2010-14

CP Comm. Chair

Rodney F. Autrey
Senior Pastor
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Manassas, VA
2006-10; 2010-14





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